About Us

The Nahar International School (NIS) was established by the Nahar Foundation, a Trust registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act. The School Board comprises of distinguished educationists and administrators, governing the school. Additionally, the school has an Advisory Council comprising men and women of eminence from various fields of life.

The Principal holds overall responsibility for the educational operation of NIS, while the Nahar Foundation is responsible for financial operations. The School is divided into four sections: the Early Years Foundation Section – Bees & Cubs, the Primary Section, the Middle School Section, and the High School Section.

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Bees and Cubs Campus

Explore our latest venture, the Bees and Cubs campus! Designed exclusively for Cambridge Pre-primary and Daycare programs, this nurturing environment is a haven for your child's early education journey. With vast open spaces, well-lit classrooms, and modern amenities, we prioritize a holistic learning experience.

Holistic Growth

Our sprawling campus is dedicated to holistic growth, emphasizing nutrition, high-tech security, and a team of experienced educators working in harmony. We strive to cultivate well-rounded individuals with a zest for learning.

Enriching Educational Journey

Join us on an enriching educational journey where each day unfolds new opportunities for growth, discovery, and the joy of acquiring knowledge. Our commitment to comprehensive education focuses on instilling inquisitiveness, fostering a genuine love for exploration, and preparing students for an ever-changing world.

Bees & Cubs Cambridge Early Years